18 September 2013

Biofuels fraud cheated victims of $100M, feds say

Federal prosecutors announced charges Wednesday connected to a Henry County biofuel refinery as part of a massive tax and securities fraud investigation, saying the operation cheated victims out of more than $100 million.

The fraud is alleged to be the biggest instance of tax and securities fraud in state history.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission launched an investigation last year into E-biofuels LLC in Middletown. E-biofuels filed for bankruptcy in April 2012. Its parent company, Evansville-based Imperial Petroleum Inc., received subpoenas from the SEC and a grand jury that May, according to a regulatory filing.

Imperial had to hand over an array of documents relating to E-biofuels’ accounting, purchases and sales of biodiesel, and tax credits and other incentives received from government agencies, the filing said.


CARB is demanding that companies create BioFuels and so far all we have seen in more and more economic fraud.  Could it be this is the only viable product – fraud?

14 September 2013

National Academy of Sciences:  Climate Models Not Ready for Decision-making.

. . . . A National Strategy for Advancing Climate Modeling emphasizes the needs for climate models to evolve substantially in order to deliver climate projections at the scale and level of detail desired by decision makers, this report finds. Despite much recent progress in developing reliable climate models, there are still efficiencies to be gained across the large and diverse U.S. climate modeling community. . . .

Of course that has not stopped the scheming political weasels in Sacramento from making decisions justified by broken models that are incapable of back casting or for that matter forecasting climate change.

Why do we let the liberals in Sacramento get away with this industrial grade stupidity? Oh!



13 September 2013

Carbon Credits No Show

As of the reserve sale application deadline of September 9th, 2013, no covered entities or opt-in entities had indicated an intent to bid at the September 2013 reserve sale. Therefore, the Air Resources Board will not be holding the reserve sale scheduled for September 27, 2013.

While Californians my believe in AGW, they are not willing to do anything about it.

06 September 2013

I have started a new blog to focus more on local issues HERE.   Please join me in examining some of the Sierra Foothill issues.  I will continue to examine some of the state wide issues here until November 2013.


2 September 2013

Insight to the real climate change 

Topher Field, Australia’s 50:1 Project interviews Anthony Watts, former weatherman and passionate believer in global warming, now world famous skeptic responsible for the ‘surface stations’ project which has found serious issues with the global temperature measuring network, and key figure within the ‘Climategate’ scandal.

The full interview is HERE:

I was one of the first Surface Station volunteers, seeking out stations in Northern California and recording the results.  Ellen and I toured the country in our RV seeking out weather stations for the project, joining a dedicated band to surface station volunteer observers all across the nation.  Anthony explains the results of the survey and history behind the project. Worth your time to watch.

1 September 2013

The Inability to Act is Destroying the California Economy

“Mayor Garcetti does not know how to save the L.A. economy,” Kevin D. Williamson writes at NRO (love the title, by the way). Garcetti’s futile efforts to stem the tide of film and television productions abandoning California for other states, and Canada, which offer tax incentives and less punitive, rapacious governments, are a symptom of much larger problem:

If politicians could simply create a set of policies that would bring desired businesses to their jurisdictions, they would do so. Everybody wants movies and high-tech companies, and everybody with good sense wants factories, warehouses, and energy producers, too. But politicians cannot do that. As California has shown, they cannot even design policies to preserve what they already have. From the Reagan years to the present, there has been no progress on that front, even when there was a Hollywood man in the governor’s office.

Economic conditions and markets will always change more quickly than public policy can account for. The question for Mr. Garcetti and for the ladies and gentlemen in Sacramento is not how to keep the movies and television shows in California but how to make California an attractive place to do business of any sort. That begins with admitting to themselves that if Silicon Valley and Hollywood weren’t already in California, nobody in their right mind would move them there. California’s fiscal instability, its rapacious unions, its enterprise-deadening public sector, and its recent experiments with ex post facto taxation all must give pause to investors, as must the plainly unsustainable finances of the state as a whole and the city of Los Angeles in particular. A film czar isn’t going to turn that around, and California doesn’t have enough money to bribe its marquee industry into staying put. Saving California means deep and wide top-to-bottom reform, which means dispatching a whole herd of sacred cows to the slaughterhouse. If Eric Garcetti is the man for that job, he has never given any indication of the fact. The fact that he’s still thinking in terms of czars and chickenfeed incentives suggests that he is miles away from understanding the nature of the problem.


How would you solve this problem?

30 August 2013

California Representative Rohrabacher Speaks GW Truth — CREDO Idiots Reply

CREDO Action chronicled Rohrabacher’s tweets, which include claims such as “History is filled with wildfires & droughts. 1930’s was worse drought yrs. blaming this on CO2 is fraudulent” and “statistics indicate these natural maladies R no more frequent than in the distant pass which Exposes GWARMING fraud.”

In response, CREDO launched an online campaign on Thursday calling on Rohrabacher to apologize to Californians who have been affected by the wildfires.

Rep. Rohrabacher, you should immediately apologize to all Californians for dismissing the growing threat of wildfires in our state, and calling climate change “a total fraud.” If you are unwilling to accept the vast scientific consensus on climate change you should immediately resign your position on the House Science Committee.

The CREDO idiots have no proof that CO2 is warming the planet, and there is no such thing as a “scientific consensus” to support their position. Only some disproven computer models and their religious commitment to climate change.