January 5th, 2012

Southwest US And Mexico Buried In Snow

Steven Goddard at Real Science writes:

“A sure sign of global warming is when 80% of New Mexico is covered with snow.”


And, what are liberal doing about this “global warming” ?  Destroying California’s economy to make sure it does not happen in the future.

Unintended Consequences CFLs Dangerous to Your Health

Legislate in haste … repent at leisure. In their haste to rid Americans of the unconscionable plague of perfectly safe if somewhat inefficient incandescent lighting, politicians in Washington have forced us to adopt more expensive technology in its place. Compact flourescent lighting (CFLs) are already known to be a considerable disposal risk, thanks to the mercury used in them. A new study reported earlier this week by Miami’s CBS affiliate warns of an operational risk as well — ultraviolet radiation that can cause skin cancers and even acute burns

More here.

You voted for these idiots in Washington who are more than willing to do the bidding of environmental wackos, rather than what is right for the people of this country. They are guilty of legislative malfeasance.

We are buying a 10 year supply of 75 Watt incandescent bulbs from Amazon and have eradicated all the CFLs from our homes.  We bought a 10 year supply of 100 watt bulbs last year and will buy 10 years of 60 Watts next year.

Reality Check for Low-Information Voters


The clueless-cool set who voted overwhelmingly for Obama are now wondering how come he said taxes weren’t going to go up on 98 percent of the American people when here’s their first paycheck and taxes went up.

Call it Schadenfreude if you like. It’s a nasty habit. But considering that Obama managed to get himself re-elected despite a record more suited for the guillotine by playing Santa Claus, and considering that the media has rightly cast the fiscal cliff deal as a victory for the president and a loss for the Republicans, there’s a valuable silver lining here.

You can’t blame this on the GOP. Obama owns this.

More at The Hayride.

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  1. Unfortunately the 47% cannot be persuaded of Obama doing anything wrong here. We must remember, he’s the man with the “stash”, and we know how he replenishes that stash.

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